Motion & Animation Graphic Course

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Learn to combine animation and motion graphics to produce a professional video

In this course, we will learn how to combine animation with motion graphics using more than one program, each program in its specialty. We will use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to prepare the characters, and we will use the Moho program to animate the characters. We will explain in detail the method of preparing the characters on the program, forming the bone network, linking it to the layers, and making smart bones. Then implement the animation and animation and learn about the techniques that make the characters’ animation perfect and professional, then export the animation for use in the motion graphics project for the course. Then we collect the animation for all the characters within the Adobe After Effects program to create a scene for each character, add animated backgrounds, write texts, do professional text animation, and create backgrounds. Animation and creating shadows for the characters, then adding effects and doing color correction for all scenes to give the video a cinematic look, making transitions between scenes, then adding background music and sound effects to the video, and making a render or final export of the project within Adobe After Effects.

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