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What is managed Web Hosting services?

We provide website hosting services with distinct and highly efficient specifications that combine speed and protection, in addition to the domain name reservation service with any extension com – net – org – .sa.

There is no website that does not need hosting, simply because web hosting is the space on which the site’s files are stored, as well as the databases connected to the software files.
But how do you choose hosting space? A very important question, but to answer it together we must know several elements, including that there are different types of hosting based on the operating system of the server or server, whether it is Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.
There are also special elements for the hosting control panel that the website owner or those responsible for designing and developing it can deal with, and the most famous of these panels are cPanel and Plesk.
There are other influential elements, including the size and capabilities of this hosting, and the type of service provision. Does your site need an independent server (an advanced computer) or a virtual server, which is known as a VPS, cloud hosting, or shared hosting?
We cannot forget, with all the previous factors, a very important element, which is the source of this hosting, the reliability of the company from which this space is rented, the percentage of presence and technical support, which is fully available at Sun Technology, and we do not say this as a claim, but rather according to the testimony of hundreds of sites and customers who obtained services. Hosting of all types.


Comprehensive Web Hosting services include

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    Powerful Hosting

    Hosting that features full server resources that guarantee you a processor with strong performance and distinct memory to accommodate the largest number of visitors.


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    Privacy and confidentiality

    The most important feature of strong hosting is maintaining the privacy of customer information. an automated system to control the servers.


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    SSD Servers

    Hosting that works with SSD disks that provide speed with which your site will move from a site with limited speed to a site with very high speed

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    Support all programming languages

    It supports hosting all different platforms with all different types of software, so there is no need to worry about not being able to run a program.

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    Complete protection

    Hosting is distinguished by obtaining a recognized protection certificate from Norton, the international company specialized in protecting the web and websites.

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    External backup

    One of the most important features of hosting is the backup service to preserve all your data without losing any important data.



Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • WordPress Hosting

    Powerful WordPress hosting for a faster & more secure WordPress website.

  • Limited Plans

    Small web hosting suitable for starting your first website or running small one.

  • Unlimited Plans

    Unlimited web hosting plans suitable for medium size businesses and websites.

  • E-commerce Hosting

    Powerful and secure web hosting plans your online store, powered by OpenCart.

  • Sun Technology Plus

    Plus offers you bigger hosting plans to handle more traffic and busy websites.

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